Projects etc.


Publicated by Others:
  • Columban Exchange. Flash piece written in 2022 for, and read by, the Black Women are Scary podcast, in response to “Becoming Martians” by 藤井太洋 Taiyo Fujii. About colonization and pigeons. Full text here
  • Your Side of the Mountain. Short story/long poem published in 2016 by THEM Literary Magazine (not the Condé Nast one) (issue no longer accessible) about reckoning with the parents in your head, failing to become one with the forest
  • From the Diary of Zeb Brumley. Short story published in 2014 in Boilerplate Magazine, a student literary magazine at my school that eventually couldn’t afford its hosting fees—and now is archived on the Wayback Machine. I really, really like this one
  • Beringia. Short story published in 2015 in the Vassar Student Review (no longer accessible) about being insane and intergenerational trauma and (just barely) surviving academia. I really like this one too

  • Publicated by Yours Truly:
  • City of Otherly Love. 24 page, double-sided chapbook of mostly love letters, poems, illustrations. Risograph printed in two colors by Risolve Studio. You can buy one of the only 104 copies ever printed!
  • M/Orpheus, Indie Euridice. 2022 sonic time travel project where I both made mixtapes to my teenage self from my adult self, and had my teenage self make my adult self a mixtape
  • Dim Sun. Short bilingual comic about two siblings taking a train to visit their grandmother (also language barriers, gender, and whether or not the moon forgives). Written/drawn in 2016. At 16 pages, the only full-length comic I’ve ever made
  • Your Houseplant is Gay. 8-page mini zine about how fucking weird plants are to live with (and how to try to take care of them despite it all). Black & white. You can buy this!
  • Do you feel like an egg. 8-page poetry zine written in 2019 about being transsexual in the world, feeling bad but for reasons that are out of one’s hands, and grace. You can buy this!
  • The Artery Road. Short story I wrote in 2014 for my Political Science class “Reorderings” about entropy, being the object of someone else’s study, and living in a separate version of time. You can purchase an electronic copy, or access it for free if buying isn’t an option. I really like this story

  •  Cursèd

  • The Untamed subs. I spent probably 800 hours lovingly retranslating and re-timing the awful NetfIix subtitles for this remarkable queer fantasy cdrama, and maybe five people at most watched it, L
  • Fiambre. You can read my pork-scented Hannibal fanfiction if you aren't a fucking coward
  • “Will you write a song about me.” My 1 second of internet fame, this is likely the most viewed piece of text I’ve ever produced in my life
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